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Warning: This article was written for entertainment purposes only and such a dangerous design should not be duplicated accept at your own risk. This website or the author claim no responsibility for any damage, injury, or mayhem caused by building a similar machine!

Dr MeSawYou is a 3lb. combat robot featuring a linear actuator using a threaded rod driven by a brushed motor and kitchen sink electronics 3A ESC

The drive train consists of 2 brushed D2 motors from and 3A kitchen sink electronics

22mm DC Gearmotor

Saw motor is a timing belt driven brushless 3530 Turnigy airplane motor from run by an Afro 20A ESC with Simon K firmware.

Note: I have tried other ESC’s that failed to startup where the Simon K has much better low end and get’s it going every time!

Battery is stuffed in the main steel tube. Battery used is a Nanotec 850mAh from

The result is a fast machine that has sawed all the way through opponent’s 1/8″ aluminum body panels on two occasions! Very fun to drive and watch.

Be sure to use carbide tipped blades if attempting such a design and be very careful with sharp edge guards and

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