Leader 120 Custom Canopy Upper Frame for Runcam Micro and Eachine VTX02

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Another Extreme Tinkering Original!

Please note that frame files are actually .STL files but I had to change the extension so wordpress would let me upload them. Simply change the extensions back to .STL and you should be good to go!

The Leader 120 is an awesome and very capable quadcopter right from the factory. But if you’re like me, you can’t leave anything stock! As requested, here is my upper frame mod that allows for more room and better mounting position for a Runcam Micro Sparrow or standard micro cam. It has a nice place for an Eachine VTX-02 or VTX-03 (or 01 for that matter). I have printed mine with Onyx filament. Onyx is fiber filled Nylon filament that’s super tough and looks cool too. I recommend printing this frame in something like that to give the copter a chance of survival in a crash. This filament takes a hit pretty well but they will break if hit hard enough. Good news is the frame sides are very easy to swap out without removing much else. Print spares to keep you in the sky!


Extreme Tinkering


Frame Side1

Frame Side2

VTX Plate W Antenna Supports

VTX Protection Overkill Cage

FC Standoff Replacement

Frame Mount Hex Standoff

Upper Rear Hex Frame Standoff

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